Rick has been leading worship since he was fourteen years of age.


He has authored numerous songs that are used in worship services around the world.  Some titles include:


"Lord I Lift Your Name On High",  "I Need You",  "Jesus Mighty God",

"I Love Your Grace"  and  "Jesus Draw Me Close".

He is a recent recipient of the GMA HONORS Milestone Song Award  

- Chesapeake Bay Retriever

(she loves little people)

Jackson - Miniature Donkey

(also loves little people... and carrots)

Roland - Alpaca

(very curious, likes to hang out, but doesn't care much to be touched)

Gibson - Alpaca #2

(also very curious, and territorial, has been observed chasing a coyote off the property)

Popeye - Green Amazon Parrot

She laughs, she cries, she coughs like a chain-smoker, barks like a dog, speaks two languages, and sings like Ethel Merman - she prefers the key of F