Rick has been leading worship since he was fourteen years of age.


He has authored numerous songs that are used in worship services around the world.  Some titles include:


"Lord I Lift Your Name On High",  "I Need You",  "Jesus Mighty God", 

"I Love Your Grace"  and  "Jesus Draw Me Close".  

He lives in Southern California with his wife, Debbie and their interesting variety of pets.

Bayley - Chocolate Lab

(will play frisbee 'till your arm falls off)

- Chesapeake Bay Retriever

(she loves little people)

Jackson - Miniature Donkey

(also loves little people... and carrots)

Roland - Alpaca

(very curious, likes to hang out, but doesn't care much to be touched)

Gibson - Alpaca #2

(also very curious, and territorial, has been observed chasing a coyote off the property)

Popeye - Green Amazon Parrot

(he laughs, he cries, he coughs like a chain-smoker, barks like a dog, speaks at least two languages, and sings like an opera star... he prefers the key of "F")

Otis - Canary

(also sings... very sweet melodious sonnets... unlike his roommate, Popeye)